Automation saves time and saves money. Once a process is automated, you can be absolutely sure the result will always be the same.

We have Ansible, YAML and Kubernetes in our pockets. We’re dab hands at Python and JSON. We can deal with any package you need and your storage and deployment needs are safe with us.

Whether your systems suits simple, safe and straight-forward deployment or a more complex, model-driven process, our knowledge and experience will make sure you can keep your mind on more important things than ‘business as usual’.

What you need:

  • Reduction in deployment time
  • Operational cost saving
  • No need for constant specialist support
  • Business continuity and reduced outage time

What we do:

  • Deployment with continuous integration systems
  • Basic deployment tools with no need for expert scripting
  • Model-driven deployment
  • Release notes as detailed as you need them

Tech We Work With:

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