Automation saves time and saves money. Once a process is automated, you can be absolutely sure the result will always be the same.

We have Ansible, YAML and Kubernetes in our pockets. We’re dab hands at Python and JSON. We can deal with any package you need and your storage and deployment needs are safe with us.

Our automation systems will cover all your requirements while maximising efficiency, flexibility and cost effectiveness.

Automating containers

Containers are the deployment format of the future, making it much easier to package an application with its required infrastructure. And containers need to be deployed to multiple machines across a distributed system.

Manually deploying containers across a distributed system can be an epic chore, and that’s where automation comes in. Whether you’re using Kubernetes, Ansible, Python, YAML, JSON or another technology, we’ll be able to build an automation pipeline to minimise the time you have to spend on container deployment and maintenance.

The Kubernetes API is a great tool when it comes to automating a deployment pipeline. Deployments are not only more reliable but also much faster, making it easier to test and ship containers.


Being able to grow your systems to cope with increased interest and traffic is vital to pushing your business on. You might also need to be able to scale back, without appearing to do so to your customer base.

Autoscaling allows you to automate the scaling up or down of the number of computing resources allocated to your application at any given time. Autoscaling pods, and sometimes nodes, in response to noises from a monitoring system such as Heapster is a common and sensible aspect of any container-based system.

Our monitoring tools report metrics to a monitoring service or storage backend, which can then utilise autoscaling to ensure you’re only ever using the technology you need to.


It’s next to impossible for your system to stay online 24/7 without automated self-healing capability. This is especially true for distributed systems across multiple machines and locations.

We design and build automated functionality that regularly monitors the health of pods and containers, and takes immediate action to resolve whatever issues it encounters. For example, container probes let you define how you want Kubernetes to monitor if a container is alive and ready; readinessProbe is particularly helpful as it actually leaves pods up but serves them no traffic if the probe fails.

Automation is not an answer in and of itself, however. To prevent problems hiding in a growing system you need monitoring and logging functions robust enough to flag any issues that may occur. Rest assured we’ll include those within your automated systems.

Why Secnix?

From advanced checks and balances to routine maintenance and auditing, we have every base covered to make sure your automated systems can run smoothly, freeing you up to concentrate on growth.

Whether your systems suits simple, safe and straight-forward deployment or a more complex, model-driven process, our knowledge and experience will make sure you can keep your mind on more important things than ‘business as usual’.

What you need:

  • Reduction in deployment time
  • Operational cost saving
  • No need for constant specialist support
  • Business continuity and reduced outage time

What we do:

  • Deployment with continuous integration systems
  • Basic deployment tools with no need for expert scripting
  • Model-driven deployment
  • Release notes as detailed as you need them

Tech We Work With:

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