Build Serverless Contact Forms for Amazon S3 Static …

02/02/2019, by Tony Clemmey

aws serverless HTML contact form

How to build a serverless contact form on an Amazon S3 static website with AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, and Amazon SES. This simple tutorial shows the basic steps to build a serverless contact form […]

Distributed Containerised Infrastructure

16/10/2018, by Justin Cook

Distributed Containerised Infrastructure Many designs use Red Hat Enterprise Linux as the environment for delivery. Interesting designs use software platform components such as OpenShift, Apigee, and DataStax Cassandra. Combined, they provide encompassing programmatic access for […]

Shared Hosting — /lib64/libc.so.6: version GLI…

29/04/2018, by Justin Cook

Shared Hosting — /lib64/libc.so.6: version GLIBC_2.14 not found Have you been in a situation with limited access lacking compilers and other common utilities, and all you need is that one thing that’s so close yet […]

Single Page App (Angular 5, Bootstrap 4 & Node.…

11/04/2018, by Tony Clemmey

A beginners guide on how to create a single page app using Angular 5, Bootstrap 4, Node.js® and NPM. If you’ve been scouring the web in desperate search for a complete tutorial on building a […]

Container-native monitoring: peeling the onion

03/04/2018, by Peter Arijs

Container-native monitoring: peeling the onion In a previous post, Justin Cook set the stage for container-native monitoring. In the past, I’ve also written various pieces on container monitoring on our own blog, but now I’d […]

A 12-factor App in OpenShift – Deep Dive

27/03/2018, by Justin Cook

A 12-factor App in OpenShift – Deep Dive The 12-factor app methodology has an incredible grip on the software industry. It is the realisation of fantastic portability across cloud-based resources and application artifacts. Not only […]

Container-native Monitoring

08/03/2018, by Justin Cook

A JUSTIFICATION FOR DISTRIBUTED TRACING AND LOG AGGREGATION INTEGRATED WITH CONTAINER-NATIVE MONITORING “We replaced our monolith with microservices so that every outage could be more like a murder mystery.” Like most infrastructure components, monitoring and […]

OpenShift Commons Gathering London

09/02/2018, by Chris Lockie

The recent OpenShift Commons event at London’s QEII Centre was a huge success. Over 200 attendees enjoyed talks and panels on the state of container technologies, the future of OpenShift and forthcoming features, the OpenShift […]




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