Gone are the days when all systems were ad hoc, carefully handcrafted by system administrators. These no longer meet expectations - they are slow, tedious and error prone.

Open-source infrastructure provision, backup and recovery are the backbone of our business. If catastrophe strikes, you need to be able to rebuild whole or part of your infrastructure in minutes. We consider everything - data volume, I/O, saturation of links and hardware.

We use hyper-convergence, containerised, orchestrated infrastructure, heterogeneous networks and every other current technology. We work with RedHat, AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, OpenStack, OpenShift and the Open Container Initiative.

Containers and the future of infrastructure

We are in the midst of a new technology wave in the form of immutable infrastructure and microservices. Leading the charge is a Linux-based technology called containers, where a single kernel runs multiple instances on a single operating system.

One of the major new open source technologies in this area is called Kubernetes, which means “pilot” or “helmsman” in Greek. Kubernetes helps manage containers, but your Kubernetes setup has to be watertight from the get-go or you risk problems down the line.

The consistency of the Kubernetes platform means that your development team can reliably and easily transition from testing on a local machine to production deployments. This greatly simplifies and speeds up the release of new features.

Kubernetes also enhances reliability and robustness. Additional benefits include self-healing, auto-scaling and intelligent scheduling.

Why Secnix?

Deployment in a cloud environment is complex. Secnix has developed in-house skills nurtured over many years of infrastructure deployments within environments such as AWS, Google Cloud and Azure. We have a strong track record in developing feature-rich products and services that will benefit your customers.

Our engineers look after monitoring and maintenance of business-critical platforms and are available around the clock to fix any service-affecting issues.

What you need:

  • Systems to be online 24/7
  • Minimum recovery time
  • Secure, accessible backup
  • No vendor lock-in
  • Time and money saved

What we do:

  • Design and implement open solutions
  • Reduce manual intervention and need for specialist support
  • Data syncing
  • Avoid ad-hoc systems with increased support costs
  • Straight-forward rollback strategies

Tech We Work With:

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