Content, UI and UX Design

Content, UI and UX Design

They say content is king. As much as we all like looking at that picture of the fist pump baby, without words it’s just a grumpy kid with a handful of sand.

We have words. Long ones, short ones, clever ones, simple ones. Got dictionaries full of the things.

Where those words go is just as important. Usability is key and if a user’s experience is disappointing they won’t be back. We know your screens, pages, graphics, buttons, icons and other visual elements are as vital as text. Using prototyping, wireframes, Agile iteration and the rest, we’ll make sure the whole package cries out for your customers’ attention.

Content, content, content

It’s hard to come up with headings sometimes, but look, this is all about content, so why not say so?

We are your new favourite specialists in the written word, by which we mean typed word for the most part but you get the point. We produce serious, fully researched content on serious topics from technology to the latest web design trends. We also write smart, some might say irreverent copy to reduce the risk of your customers wandering back to Facebook.

And if you’re already sick of reading this, either (a) sorry, (b) contact us to write your content so we can stop going on about it here, or (c) both!

Nailing the user interface

Without an eye-catching, usable interface for your customers to play about with, the words won’t matter a jot.

The user interface is what your customers see - the look and feel, the presentation and interactivity of your service. In some ways it encompasses what used to be called graphic design, but as technology took over the realm of UI design expanded exponentially.

An excellent UI is the key to getting your brand across to the public and promoting your products ahead of the competition. We use the top UI prototyping tools, interactive mock-ups, accessible wireframes, animation and adaptation to all device screen sizes. No eyes left behind.

Human-first user-experience design

UX design involves the way your customers interact with you. If the words and graphics grab a customer’s attention, they won’t stay long unless the things they actually do with your products or services makes them happy.Through constant iteration we will make sure your functionality marries up perfectly with your beautiful interface. User testing on logically structured prototypes allows us to focus on the good stuff and jettison the rest.We’ll have your customers staying so long you’ll need to put doors on your site with an opening hours sign.

What you need:

  • Designs that draw customers into your site…
  • ...and keep them there
  • Eye-catching graphics
  • Site maps and structures that minimise user clicks to their goal
  • Words that engage and put the customer first

What we do:

  • User-centred design to focusing on customers’ needs
  • Iterative design and rapid response to feedback
  • Designs as simple or complex as you need
  • Copywriting and editing, proofreading, style guides
  • Ongoing design support

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