Email & Ad Campaigns

Email & Ad Campaigns

A targeted email campaign is one of the strongest ways to connect with and grow your customer base. Newsletters and e-shots, whether one-offs, timed or automated, allow you to wow potential customers with new products and services and reward existing customers for loyalty to your brand.

We understand that conscientious email management allows your customers to manage the messaging they get from you, keeping them on your side and more likely to spread the word.

When it’s time to give your services an extra push, our eye-catching ad campaigns will make customers think, smile, engage and remember your name. We create and set up campaigns and offer as much ongoing support as you need, with powerful customer relationship management tools at your fingertips.

Set your goals, hit your targets

First we’ll help you establish your objectives: what do you want to achieve with a campaign? If you’re planning to release a new product into the wild, we’ll design a campaign that hits hard with the first message, including any special offers for early take-ups. We’ll schedule follow-up messaging or hand over the automated scheduling to you so you can see if the first round of emails has been a sales success.

If you’re giving an existing product or service a shot in the arm, we can help you come up with targets and build a dynamic campaign that reacts to your customers’ response. We’ll help you find out when your customers will be most susceptible to your products’ charms. Those promotional or seasonal discounts will never have been so timely.

We’ll use traditional email as well as social media to get the word out. And our campaign analytics will give you all the data you need to work out how to boost a campaign’s impact next time around.

Customers front and centre

Think of the last time you got an email you didn’t sign up for. It only took one click to delete it, but it made you surprisingly cross, didn’t it?

One of the most important aspects of an email or ad campaign is that you only want to target people who will be happy to see it - either on specialist websites or in niche publications, or because they’ve explicitly signed up to a mailing list.

Out customer database management and CRM systems will allow you to segment your customers, working out who best to target when - and those you don’t want to risk alienating with an unwanted prod.

Why Secnix?

With a wealth of experience driving some of the most exciting launches to market, we know when a solid, pay per click campaign will work but also when a simple email will do.

Nobody wants to hear about Easter Eggs in September. We know when to push but also when to hold back, because all of us have had those emails where you just can’t find the ‘unsubscribe’ link quick enough. Trust us with your email and ad campaigns and your customers will think you’re in it solely for their benefit. Because you are, right?

What you need:

  • Straight-forward opt-in and opt-out
  • Pixel-perfect designs
  • Campaign workflows
  • Per-customer personalisation

What we do:

  • Simple drag-and-drop tools
  • Automated campaign management
  • Intelligent trigger mechanisms
  • Powerful CRM tools

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