Systems maintenance throws up countless questions. How do we manage our users? How do we distribute system and software builds intelligently throughout diverse infrastructure? What if the primary link to data centre 'A' fails?

These questions and many more consume the minds of engineers and management on a daily basis. Managing a large, diverse infrastructure is not an easy task. Maintenance left to take care of itself often ends in tears.

Thankfully we have all the tools you’ll need to protect your nodes from failure.

Consistent systems monitoring

Most systems include some kind of alarm mechanism in place to highlight issues. All too often these are basic alert systems that can easily be overlooked by time-pressured administrators, sometimes leading to minor blips and critical problems being treated as equally serious.

Monitoring prevents those ‘D’oh!’ moments where later it’s obvious what you could have done to prevent them. For example, the last thing you want is your site to go down without warning because it turns out your monitoring system is vulnerable to the same critical issue and kept schtum at just the wrong moment.

We design and install monitoring tools that minimise production issues, prevent false alarms and give admins the peace of mind that nothing will go wrong without healthy advance warning.

Reliable backups, simple recovery

It’s an obvious thing, but regular, safe backups are crucial to any intelligent maintenance system. You can be sure we have years of experience ensuring your data and systems could never be lost no matter what the severity of the node failure, though our monitoring systems should have minimised that risk already.

An often overlooked benefit of backup and recovery is that the reduction in risk allows for a little more boldness, even daring. Knowing you can revert to a previous state allows you to play around with your systems, try new things and often get ahead of competition reliant on more complicated or less robust rollback mechanisms.

Ephemeral infrastructure

Maintenance can be more complicated in ephemeral infrastructure. Modern systems are increasingly turning to the likes of ephemeral Kubernetes clusters that run in the cloud and these require special protocols to ensure their ongoing stability.

Our extensive experience in building and taking care of ephemeral systems are just one more reason Secnix should be your first port of call for all your maintenance needs. We can ensure the ongoing viability of your systems utilising RedHat, AWS, Azure, OpenStack, OpenShift and many more.

Why Secnix?

We design and build infrastructure support systems that ensure peace of mind. Whether you want a suite of maintenance tools to take care of business yourself, or you’d rather let us deal with everything so you can concentrate on the fun stuff, we’re your people.

Efficient, streamlined maintenance of ephemeral data, monitoring, backup and recovery. Say no to node failure.

What you need:

  • Systems that are simple to understand and manage
  • Consistently high speeds across systems
  • High tolerance for failures of individual machines
  • Reduced risk of failure of systems outside your control
  • Clear monitoring and status options

What we do:

  • Strong focus on the design phase
  • Consistent development from project inception to user acceptance testing
  • Design tailored to your specific needs
  • Integrate monitoring tools early on in design

Tech We Work With:

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