Logo and Branding

Logo and Branding

What links the most famous logos and brands in the world? Nothing. Every logo, every brand is unique. Yours must be unique too.

An extraordinary logo won’t be worth much without a clever brand and marketing strategy to go with it. You can beat the drum for your goods and services all you like, but if your logo looks like a bald man stroking a goat that’s all people will remember.

We’ll match the right words, designs and symbols to an eye-catching plan. Targeting, social media focusing, no undue saturation. We’ll boost your brand equity and the awareness and loyalty will follow.

Legendary Logos

Whether you’re an online-only presence or you’re to be found in print, at exhibitions or on billboards, your logo must hit hard and hit fast.

If you’re launching a new business you’ll want to grab attention with a logo that makes people need to know more. If you’ve decided it’s time for a refresh or revamp, a new logo can give you that shot in the arm.

But we also know a bad logo launch can be more of a punch in the arm. It’s vital to know your audience and we’ll carry out extensive market research to make sure any new logo you deliver is sure to intrigue potential new customers without alienating existing ones.

Boosting your brand

Sometimes you need a brand that increases sales. Maybe you’ve realise that your current brand is looking tired and it’s time for a new one. Or is the strength of a competitor’s brand making you green with envy?

It doesn’t matter why you want to boost your brand, only that you’ve realised it’s time.

Email and ad campaigns, social media banners and marketing, corporate modernisation, website redesigns and content refreshes. We have it all in hand to spruce up your brand and identity, fit for the social media age.

Even the little things matter, such as designing a new set of business stationery to make sure your new identity registers across the board. Our services can be the route to new customers and followers, finding investment, getting ahead in crowded industry and much more.

Corporate social responsibility

Your corporate identity is more than just a logo and a slogan or two - it’s now vital that you’re seen to understand the often-harsh realities of the world and you use your business and brand to do good.

We’ll carry out an audit of your business practices and help you link your brand to social programmes, community projects and more. Fostering links outside your business is a sure-fire way to boost your brand, get your logo out there - and of course to do some actual good to give you and your employees a little extra job satisfaction.

What you need:

  • A unique and professional logo
  • Instant impact
  • No unnecessary complexity
  • Something memorable but meaningful
  • Easy brand maintenance

What we do:

  • Innovative design
  • Market research
  • Brand maintenance planning
  • Social media strategy

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