Secnix Systems consider ourselves to be the best when its comes to design, implementation, orchestration and security of large distributed systems.


When reliable, scalable and secure systems are necessary to achieve your goals, we are the solution. Because your success is our success, we will work transparently and in unison with you to create manageable systems that will be maintained daily and "just work". Taking time to understand your operation, we will offer forward thinking, tailor-made quality solutions. With growth in mind, leave the technology solutions to us while you focus on your business, and we will ensure your technology evolves with your company. 


Who Are We ?

Secnix Systems is a group of engineers, architects, administrators & developers cleared to a high Government standard.

Why Us ?

Everyone is different and levels of satisfaction & expectations vary widely.

What We Offer

We have immense experience delivering and maintaining large infrastructures.

Technical Skills

Secnix Systems engineers are RedHat trained and certified.


We have immense experience delivering and maintaining large infrastructures considered critical where vast sums of money are at stake.


Gone are the days when all systems were ad-hoc named and carefully handcrafted by system administrators. Mean time between failure is not important anymore - the important factor is time to recovery. Handcrafted solutions do not meet expectations any longer - they are slow, tedious and error prone. Reality requires the ability to rebuild whole or part of your infrastructure in minutes. We design and implement open solutions that will enable you to build and maintain your infrastructure with minimal manual intervention and protect you from vendor lock-in all the while saving infrastructure and operational costs.

Backup and Restoration
In event of catastrophe, it is paramount data is not lost and can be restored quickly and efficiently. Data is becoming endlessly larger in scope. Therefore, backing up reliably requires forward thinking and consideration of details such as volume, I/O, saturation of links and hardware, and restoration to meet business requirements. Unfortunately, backup and restoration is normally either "thrown together" and disregarded or neglected with growth. Secnix Systems have provided a wealth of service in backup and restoration and are familiar with "given enough time anything can and will happen."

Distributed Systems

Autonomous Systems
We specialise in design and implementation of highly available distributed systems. Our aim is to closely supervise the development process in all stages from project inception to user acceptance testing. Our specialists will create an optimal design tailored for your specific needs and requirements. Designing a distributed system is a complicated task, and must be approached accordingly. Leslie Lamport defines a distributed system as "one in which the failure of a computer you didn’t even know existed can render your own computer unusable". This summarises very well all the complexities involved in designing such systems and emphasises the importance of the design phase. This is where Secnix Systems will avoid future catastrophic failures and scalability unknowns.

Overlooked and mismanaged, monitoring is a multi-faceted discipline. Not only should you be aware of the current state of affairs, operations personnel need to be alerted to possible failure at the earliest convenience and trends need to be established and reviewed periodically. Secnix Systems personnel -- due to experience -- are significant developers of and integrate products of such systems reliably and efficiently into the most critical and distributed of infrastructures and applications.


Once you have a running platform, there are several problems you need to solve to ensure its health and functionality remains optimal. Secnix Systems design, build and provide infrastructure support systems that perform the following tasks: provisioning, monitoring, backup, patching and remote management.

How do we manage our users? How do we distribute system and software builds intelligently throughout diverse infrastructure? What if the primary link to data centre 'a' fails? Will we be able to detect growth over time? Will we be able to efficiently roll back a change in case of catastrophe? These questions and many more consume the minds of engineers and management alike on a daily basis. Secnix Systems have solved many ongoing problems and continue to do so on a daily basis. Managing a large, diverse infrastructure and keeping peace of mind is not an easy task, indeed. With Secnix Systems' pragmatic approach, you will be assured your business assets are protected and thoroughly managed.

Other Services

Regardless of the project size, we will provide a team of experienced developers who have all the necessary expertise to make your project a success. Creating a great design and architecture is not enough - you also need to make sure that the implementation is of highest quality. Our developers follow all the best development practices - agile, test driven development and process automation at every step.

Whenever a platform is deployed, we ensure the deployment process is fully automated. Obvious benefit of automation is the reduction in deployment time and operational cost saving, but the more important benefit, which is usually overlooked, is the repeatability of the process. Once the process is automated, you are absolutely sure the result will always be the same. This is very important ensuring business continuity and reducing outage time.

Logo and Branding


Web, UI and UX Design

User Interfaces and User Experiences
We design and build beautiful, front-end user interfaces and user experiences for any website or any web-based project you may have in mind. Our designers are dedicated to creating world-class interfaces with aesthetic impact by improving every touch point of the user experience through thoughtful design. 

Responsive Websites

Bespoke Web Design
Our experienced web team can design and build responsive, adaptive, mobile friendly websites for any platform and for any screen size or device. Our bespoke website design can cover anything from single-page or multi-page websites to content management systems and online e-commerce stores. 


Digital Marketing
We offer both Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing Services for all companies seeking a competitive edge in the digital world. Our technical SEO & SEM experts have all the skills and experience to optimise your companies online exposure, website traffic and search engine positions.


The standard packages we offer include maintaining existing systems, system auditing, system design, system implementation, upgrades, streamlining existing systems, and recovering systems when all other means have failed. However, we are fully prepared to offer custom services with defined service-level agreements.


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Our engineers specialise in UNIX from user land to kernel and logical infrastructure services.

Our engineers are RedHat trained and certified, but also believe in diversity.

Our engineers cover a wide spectrum of technology including selection and development of software to perform in both heavy and unknown situations.