Cloud Native

Cloud Native

Cloud native exploits cloud computing to build and run applications that make the most of the power of the cloud. We're proud to be pioneers in the field.

Through the use of microservices and containers we can ensure the efficiency and speed of your interaction with the cloud. We’ll use Azure, OpenStack and AWS to build your cloud footprint and OpenShift, Kubernetes and the Open Container Initiative to make sure it all runs like clockwork.

Our Agile framework includes consistent DevOps collaboration and our reliability guarantee ensures you can get your services to market before the ever-changing market leaves you behind.

Working with cloud native will give you a competitive advantage. Working with us will hammer it home.

What you need:

  • Reduce the costs of of buying hardware, software and ongoing maintenance
  • Swift access to cloud services the moment you need them
  • No paying for capacity you’re not using
  • Steady performance and minimal disruption from remotely hosted services

What we do:

  • Microservices deployed, upgraded, scaled and restarted independent of each other
  • Reliability guaranteed with data mirrored at multiple sites
  • Full scalability, giving you only what you need when you need it
  • Deployment across public, private and hybrid clouds

Tech We Work With:

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